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Persians & Himalayans
American Cocker Spaniels

Heart'nsoul is a CFA and CCA registered hobby cattery located just outside of Tillsonburg, ON Canada. We are proud to say that our cattery is 100% PKD negative and FIV/FeLV negative.

Our goal here at Heart'nsoul is to produce healthy, show quality chocolate and lilac Persians and Himalayans that meet the breed standard and who excel in health and stamina.

We are working hard to produce NON color point carrier Persians, in both solid and tabby, in the chocolate and lilac coloring. We have incorporated some pure Persian blood lines in our breeding program to help improve the health and to strengthen the Persian traits in our chocolate program.

We have also started a separate program concentrating on improving the quality and health of the Himalayan. Eventually, we would like to incorporate the chocolate and lilac coloring. We felt that in order to be successful in doing this that we needed to bring in the BEST Himalayan blood lines that we possibly could right from the start.

Unfortunately due to the process involved in producing quality visual chocolates and lilacs, we currently do not produce a large number of visual chocolate and lilacs. Sounds confusing, I know, given that is what we are concentrating on. But it really is a lot of work and cannot be done quickly or simply.

Our chocolate blood lines include: Prairiecat, Playwickey, Madam Nu, Stachys, Kutzikoo, Strelets, Brigantina, Oakheaven, Stepp'nstone, Lake Hyco, Choc'Sugaw, Karabel, Dreamz, Fur Pleasure, Chamagoura, Foxy, Uno Belgatto, Foxy, Crayola Cats, Furxxtc, etc.

Our pure Persian blood lines include: Scrimshaw, El Zaburs, Boberan, Jolee, Agonistes,Canastalion, Wishstar, Fluffy Angel's, Commodore, Parti Wai, Whitman, Fabuls, I-Catchers, WiccaCats, Tufftons, Catsafrats, Ezluvin, Bi Hei, Comesee, Joleigh, Artemis, Miro, Kuorii, Meow My, Thai-Yves, Marcus, Bayou, Red Sky, Couronne, etc.

Our Himalayan blood lines include: Kopy Kapp, Grovewood, Sandypaws, Karabel, Laureden, Spreewood, Catbery, Keystone, Mountcascade, Alomi, etc.

It was in 2009 that the Heart'nsoul kitties started making their way to the show halls. We are unable to travel as much as many breeders can due to our five wonderful children and our many responsibilities at home. Because of this, we show mostly with the CCA (Canadian Cat Association). We do however try to find time to travel to some of the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) shows as well. 

CFA GC Heart'nsoul Snow White of WhiteOut, DM (2012)

CFA GC & CCA DBL GC, NW & BW Heart'nsoul's Sexy N I Know It (2015/2013)

CCA GC, RW & BW Meow My Precious Gem of Heart'nsoul (2013)

CCA GC & RW Heart'nsoul's Nana's Star (2013)

CFA GP Heart'nsoul's Fudgeo Dream (2013)

CFA GC, RW & CCA SMGC, NW, BW Heart'nsoul's Double The Sensation (2014)

CCA GC Heart'nsoul Patience Is A Virtue (2014)

CCA GC Spreewood's GodSend of Heart'nsoul (2014)

CCA GC & CFA CH Heart'nsoul's Bits N Pieces (2017)

CCA GC & CFA CH Heart'nsoul's Classically Elegant (2017)

CCA GC & CFA CH BeauBarr Benjamin Button (2017)

CCA GP Heart'nsoul's Xavier of Mine (2018)

CCA SMGC, NW Heart'nsoul's Catsonova (2019)

CCA GC, BW Scrimshaw BurninLove of Heart'nsoul (2019)

All Photographs of kittens and cats on this website are property of Caitlin Fulton!

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