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We will be feeding our kittens and nursing queens Acana First Feast (dry) mixed with Royal Canin Mother & Babycat (dry) until kittens are approximately 2-3 months of age. As the kittens reach about 2 months of age, we start adding the Royal Canin Kitten (dry) to the mix as well. They free feed on the dry mixture (meaning, they have access to this all day and night).

From 3 weeks of age and on, our kittens are also fed a mixture of raw beef, raw chicken and Performatrin Grain Free Chicken Formula (canned). We use added vitamins to the raw/canned mixture as well which include: Kitty Bloom VM- 900+3, Kitty Bloom Xtrabloom Digest Aid and Thrive Taurine. They get the raw/canned mixture twice a day until they leave our care. We ask that those who adopt from us continue to feed raw beef and canned as it really is beneficial to their new kitten.

Our adults are fed Acana Homestead Harvest OR Acana Indoor Entree. 

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