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Let's start at the beginning...

To make a very long story short ... I love animals. I always have and I always will. I was involved in rescue for quite some time and still on occasion will rescue a stray who has made it's way to my home (or street). I could never let an animal in need suffer or feel alone. I am an active member of Purrfect Companions of Norfolk Cat Rescue. It brings me a lot of joy to see the difference just one person can make in the lives of stray, unwanted and feral kitties.

I've always known that I would need animals in my life to truly be happy. They have been a p​art of my life for as long as I can remember. As silly as it may sound, my best friends were my furry pals. They were always there for me to lend a listening ear, to provide a shoulder to cry on, to give kisses and nudges. They didn't judge me and loved me for me. Suffering from depression from an early age made simply living life quite difficult at times. I was lucky to be diagnosed and treated early on since it runs in my family and my parents knew the symptoms. But without my pets, I know getting through those "down days" would have been much more difficult, if not impossible.

Jerry (my husband) and I purchased our first home in 2006. We have been blessed with five wonderful children, two boys and three girls. My mom lives here with us as well. I am extremely lucky to have been able to remain a stay at home mom since 2004. It was in 2007 that we purchased our first (pet quality) Himalayan, Captain Morgan (RIP). We fell in love with him and he soon became our oldest sons best pal.

While searching the web in 2008 I noticed a "show quality" black Persian, GC, RW Scrimshaw LL Cool J and I was awestruck. While viewing photos of Persians online I came across a chocolate Persian, and I thought "WOW! That color on GC, RW Scrimshaw LL Cool J would be the most breathtaking thing EVER!". From that day on, it became my goal to improve the quality of the chocolate Persian. My DREAM was to have a kitten one day sired by the gorgeous kitty that I fell in love with, back in 2008. And in 2018 that dream came true! The sire to my beautiful boy, Scrimshaw BurninLove of Heart'nsoul is the famous GC, RW Scrimshaw LL Cool J! To say that I am ecstatic is an understatement!

Fast forward to the present...

We are incredibly happy with how far our breeding program has progressed since starting in 2008. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful breeders who have entrusted us with their fur-kids and without the advice of so many wonderful breeders, veterinarians and friends. We owe the great health of our cats and kittens to the wonderful veterinarians and technicians at Belmont Veterinary Services and Beaver Creek Animal Hospital. We will be forever grateful to them for all they have done for us. Without the support of Jerry, my children and my family I know for sure I would have given up on this wonderful hobby of mine many years ago as it isn't easy by any means!

We know that we have a ways to go before reaching our goal but that just makes it all so much more exciting! We enjoy this hobby, love to show and each and every time we receive updates and photos from kitten buyers, our hearts smile. We sincerely hope to be able to provide people with loving, healthy, quality Persian kittens in the beautiful and rare chocolate and lilac coloring for years to come!

Heart'nsoul would not BE without the love of my life and best friend, Jerry, who has been so very supportive of my dream to own, show and breed these wonderful cats. Jerry is very helpful, doing as much cleaning and bathing as I do myself. He is my chauffeur as well, driving me to ship kittens at cargo or to meet kitten buyers. Sometimes he spends hours upon hours in the car by himself (or with me) to do this. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Heart'nsoul is a joint effort and Jerry and the kids definitely deserve just as much credit as I do.

Although my terrific children don't yet understand, I am so incredibly thankful to them for sharing "mommy" with the kitties and the kitties with mommy!!! They are all so great with the cats (and kittens) and enjoy having them around as much as I do. 

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