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If you are interested in a kitten, now or in the future, please be kind enough to fill out the below questionnaire (don't forget to FIRST read the Available Kittens page and/or the Available Adults page). The questionnaire must be completed before I will agree to placing a kitten with you. I want to make it clear that this is NOT a test but simply a way for me to get to know you and your family. It is very important to me that my kittens are placed in loving, forever homes - whether pet, breeder or show quality.

Below you will find links to three contracts and I ask that you please review the PET CONTRACT and the BOARDING CONTRACT before filling in the questionnaire.

Please Note: If you are a breeder interested in one of my kittens for your program, please fill in the BREEDERS QUESTIONNAIRE! Don't forget to review the BREEDER CONTRACT and the BOARDING CONTRACT!

Please Note: If there are any questions that you are unable to answer, please just use N/A so that the form can be successfully submitted.

First Name*

Last Name


Email Address

Have you read the links on the Available Page?*

If you have read the links on the available page, do you understand and agree to our requests, terms and conditions?*

If interested in a kitten/cat, please specify which one(s).

If interested in a future kitten/cat, please specify which colour/gender you may be interested in.

Are you interested in a kitten of pet quality or show quality? Please Note: Breeder/Show Quality Kittens are available AS PETS at a higher price than kittens of Pet Quality*

Would you be interested in showing a kitten/cat?*

Would you like to be placed on our waiting list?*

Will this kitten/cat be given to someone as a gift?*

Do you have any prior experience with kittens/cats?*

Are you prepared to deal with kitten behaviour?*

Cats can live 16+ years. Are you prepared to care for and love this kitten/cat for his/her entire lifetime?*

Do you have any other pets?*

If you DO have other pets, please be kind enough to list them below.

If you have other kittens/cats, are they:

Do you agree to keep this kitten/cat indoors ONLY? *


If you have other kittens/cats, have they been tested negative for FIV/FeLV?

If you have other pets, are they spayed or neutered?

As of 2019, all kittens sold as pets will be spayed/neutered before leaving our care and therefore will not be ready to leave until a minimum of 13 weeks of age. Do you understand and agree to this?*

All kittens leave our care microchipped in our name (as the breeder). This is to prevent our kittens from being dumped at the pound or shelter or rehomed without our approval. Do you understand and agree to this? *

If you have other pets, how often do they visit your veterinarian?

Who would be responsible for the care of this kitten/cat?*

What personality type are you looking for in a kitten/cat?*

Will this kitten/cat be de-clawed?*

If you DO plan to de-claw this kitten/cat, please explain why.

Do you agree to feed the diet(s) we feed and recommend for a minimum of 1 month? *

Will this kitten/cat be given free roam of your house?*

If this kitten/cat will NOT be given free roam of your house, please explain why.

How many hours per day will this kitten/cat be left alone?*

If this kitten/cat will be left alone for longer periods of time, will he/she have a feline companion?*

Do you have any plants in your home?*

If you DO have any plants in your home, please list them.

Are there any children in your home?*

If there ARE children in your home, please list their ages.

Do you own your home?*

If you do NOT own your home, are pets allowed?*

Is everyone in your household in agreement to getting a kitten/cat?*

Have all members of your household been around cats to ensure they are not allergic?*

IF you find out that someone in your household IS allergic, will you do everything possible (including allergy medications or allergy shots) to keep your new family member?

Are you in agreement with our contract(s)?*

Are there any parts of the contract(s) that you do not agree with or understand?*

Who is your veterinarian?*

Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian?*

It isn't required, but we would appreciate it if you would please list other references that know of your pet ownership.

If you had to, for ANY REASON, give up this kitten/cat, what would you do with him/her?*

Where did you hear about Heart'nsoul?*

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