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Here at Heart'nsoul we KNOW what breed and color our cats and kittens are due to working with purebreds and having wonderful DNA tests available...

Do you have a special kitty who you would like to know more about? Perhaps you want to find out what possible breed he/she is or what his/her coat color is?


Announcing the Cat Ancestry Test

The test, developed by Dr. Leslie Lyons and the Lyon's Feline Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis, can identify the racial origin and possible breed of a cat. The test also provides information regarding coat color and fur type.

If you own a "random bred" cat and are interested in learning more about the genetic history of that cat, please click on the following link to be re-directed to UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory: CAT ANCESTRY TEST

Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

UC Davis

PO Box 1102

Davis, CA 95617-1102

(530) 752-2211

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