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Please do not request to be put on my waiting list unless you are SERIOUSLY interested.

If you are on my waiting list or wish to be, I ask that you agree to notify me ASAP if you no longer wish to be on my waiting list or have found a kitten else where.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you are on my waiting list you will be notified when kittens become available. Please understand that I am under no obligation to place a kitten with you nor are you under any obligation to adopt a kitten from me. Finding the best homes for my kittens is my first priority and this doesn't change regardless of the circumstances.

Filling in the questionnaire and viewing my contract ahead of time would allow us to get to know each other and in return would help us decide if a Heart'nsoul kitten is the best kitten for YOU before being placed on the waiting list.

To be placed on the WAITING LIST please fill in the appropriate information on the "CONTACT US" page.

I can also be reached by email at . Please be sure to put

 "WAITING LIST" in the subject line.

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