March 06th, 2019

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Shipping within Canada is done using WestJet Cargo and costs between $250-$350 PLUS an additional $50 fee to cover the cost of the carrier that we must supply. We ship from Mississauga, ON. 

I can ship to the USA as well however I don't often sell PETS outside of Canada unless they are priced over $1000USD. We ship from Buffalo Niagara Airport or from Detroit Michigan Airport. The cost to ship WITHIN the USA is approximately $350-$500USD. This fee includes the flight, the carrier, the required Health Certificate and Rabies certificate.

If possible I will use a courier (someone we trust that transports the kitten(s) from one airport to another) rather than shipping cargo. This generally costs around $550USD. It is much safer and far less stressful for the kitten(s).