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Cost of shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer and is not included in the price of the kitten. 

At this time, we are only offering shipping via a pet transporter. The price for this ranges between $500-$1200. Unfortunately, airlines have made it practically impossible for breeders to ship their kittens themselves. Therefore; unless you are willing to fly into a nearby airport to meet me and bring back the kitten yourself, we must go through a Licensed Pet Transporter.  

Deposits are taken in good faith and are non-refundable!

DEPOSITS: We require a $250 non refundable deposit and a $500 non refundable deposit on a breeder/show quality kitten.

Kittens are not considered sold or reserved until I have received a non refundable deposit on them.
The deposit is considered compensation for any loss of sale during the time I have the kitten listed as sold or reserved.

NOTE: I will only hold a kitten with a deposit for a maximum of 16 weeks before he/she will be listed as AVAILABLE again UNLESS it is my doing that the kitten is not yet in the buyers care!

The deposit will NOT be refunded.


Pet Quality
ALL pet quality kittens are altered before leaving our care $1000-$1500

The blue slip (which we now do online) and required information to register your kitten will be provided after proof of spay/neuter is received and if you request it. If your kitten leaves our care already altered, we will provide all required information to register your kitten at the time of sale if requested. Buyer is responsible for paying the registration fee to the CFA or CCA when the blue slip is submitted.

Breeder/Show Quality 
AS PET (altered before leaving) $1600 to $2500
AS BREEDER/SHOW (with full breeding rights)  $2000-$3000

Breeder and Show quality kittens are available AS PETS however the price of these kittens is higher than that of a PET quality kitten.

Boarding Fees

If you have (or plan to) reserve a kitten after the kitten is 13 weeks of age and you cannot pick your kitten up within two weeks of reserving him/her, boarding automatically begins and will continue until you have picked up your kitten.

If you have reserved your kitten before 13 weeks of age, boarding will begin automatically from 14 weeks of age and will continue until you have picked up your kitten.

Payment Options
For deposit, my preference is Internet Email Money Transfer, which is available within Canada if you have online banking. It is a secure online service that allows you to transfer funds from one financial institution to another for a very reasonable fee.

For the balance owing, I ask that cash is provided at the time of pickup. Etransfer is accepted, however this MUST be received by me a minimum of 24hrs before pickup.

I accept money orders (must be an INTERNATIONAL money order if from the USA) but if I don't receive payment within 7 days (Canada) or 10 days (USA) then the kitten will once again be listed as "available".

A wire transfer can also be done however I have found that the cost to do this is equivalent to what PayPal charges and it can be more complicated. The main difference is the time in which it takes for me to receive the money (less time if sending a wire transfer).

I accept PayPal as well but please add 4% to the purchase price to cover the PayPal fee's. To figure out how much money this is, please use the below calculator.

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