July 22nd, 2018

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Heart'nsoul is a PKD DNA negative cattery and all of our cats are FIV/FeLV tested negative. Therefore kittens are guaranteed to be PKD negative and FIV/FeLV negative.

Heart'nsoul kittens stay in our care until they are a minimum of 12 weeks of age. Our kittens leave fully dewormed with a veterinary grade dewormer and will receive age appropriate vaccines (a minimum of two FVRCP vaccines) as well as being fully vet checked a minimum of two times by a licensed veterinarian. Our kittens are raised on a top quality, no grain, high protein diet (as nature intended) because here at Heart'nsoul we truly believe that good health starts from the gut.

All of our cats are both CFA and CCA registered. All of the kittens leaving our care are CFA registrable and the information required for the buyer to register their kitten will be provided once we receive proof of the kitten being altered (if sold as a pet) AND IF it is requested (if sold as a pet). Many people do not wish to register their kittens if they are pets and in this case, I am happy to provide a copy of the parents registrations as "proof" they are registrable instead. The registration fee is the responsibility of the buyer and must be paid to the CFA when the registration is submitted. If requested, for showing/breeding purposes, we will provide the required information to register a kitten with the CCA.

NEW IN 2016! ALL KITTENS AND CATS WILL LEAVE HEART'NSOUL MICROCHIPPED. We will be listed as the first contact on the microchip and the new owner will be listed as the secondary contact. This is being done to prevent our kittens and cats from ending up in a shelter or pound.

Please be sure to do your research on the Persian breed. They are wonderful, loving, gentle and beautiful cats but like with any other breed, they do have their faults. The standard calls for the Persian to have an extreme face (brachycephalic). Due to this, Persians are prone to eye running, could potentially suffer from snorting and they may be at increased risk for upper respiratory infections. I am NOT saying that these things WILL happen, I am just saying that they COULD. The breed also has a magnificent long, thick coat which requires daily grooming to ensure they do not become matted.

Here at Heart'nsoul we are working with top blood lines and rarer colors. Prices depend on the quality and color of the individual kitten. 

We, as breeders, spend a lot of time and money first buying our cats, then caring for them and having any necessary testing done on them to ensure they are healthy. Then showing them, feeding them top quality diets, giving them proper veterinary care and advertising, etc. The list goes on and on and on! So, please keep this in mind when inquiring about our kittens.

Our prices are what they are for a reason.