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Diet Recommendations


By the time your kitten(s) leave here, they will have been free fed a 50/50 diet of Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry and Royal Canin Kitten dry. This way you can choose which of the two diets you would like to continue with (there is no need to feed both). You will go home with a small bag of Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry to get you started.


Every single day, twice a day, since your kitten was 3 weeks of age, he/she has been eating a mixture of raw beef, freeze dried raw and Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Mousse. Your kitten loves and thrives on this mixture and I highly recommend that it continue to be fed. If you are against raw, I would at the very least recommend using even just the Freeze Dried raw and Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Mousse.

For one kitten, at about 12 weeks of age, you will give about 1tbsp of the following mixture twice a day.

My recommendation for raw is to purchase the Big Country Raw Pure Beef in the freezer section of your local pet store (most now carry it). OR you can order it online at the Big Country Raw Website.

My recommendation for freeze dried raw is to purchase either Stella & Chewy Chicken OR Primal Chicken & Salmon. You can find both of these products in the dry food aisles of most pet stores. You will receive one puck of the Primal Freeze Dried Raw in your kitten kit.

My recommendation for canned is to purchase the Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Mousse purchased at most pet stores. You will receive a small can of this in your kitten kit.

First, crumble 3 pieces of Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried Raw OR 1 puck of Primal Freeze Dried Raw into a clean bowl. Add 1-2tbsp of water.

For one kitten I would thaw 1lb of the Big Country Raw as each box contains four 1lb portions (you should only keep the raw, once thawed, for three days). Once thawed, split into 6 pieces (2 pieces per day for 3 days). Add 2 pieces to the freeze dried raw.

Open up one can of the Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Mousse. Put 1tbsp of the mousse into the bowl with the freeze dried raw and the raw beef. MIX WELL. Give HALF of this mixture to your kitten in the morning, and half in the evening. REPEAT EACH DAY.

There are many benefits to feeding a raw diet hence why I feed and recommend them. Your kitten will arrive a healthy, pleasantly plump ball of fur and this has a great deal to do with the raw/canned mixture they receive each day.

Kitten Check List


Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat - (Rens Pet Depot or Pet Valu)

Royal Canin Kitten - (Rens Pet Depot or Pet Valu)

I would continue feeding Mother & Baby Cat until approximately 4 months of age.

Royal Canin Kitten (Loaf in Sauce) - (Rens Pet Depot or Pet Valu)

I mix this with the raw food and they get a tbsp twice a day.

Big Country Raw (Rens Pet Depot or Pet Valu - FREEZER SECTION)

The Pure Beef is what I would recommend.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets (Pet Valu)

I've provided samples of these in the kitten kits because I LOVE THEM. I use them when I am at cat shows and don't want to bring frozen/fresh raw with me and I also feed them as treats. And I personally feel as though they are PERFECT for homes where the new owners do not want to handle or feed frozen/fresh raw. This product can be fed dry as a treat (food topper if you wish) or you can add water and feed it as a meal to your kitty (it is nutritionally complete!).


Stainless Steel (for food) - Stainless steel is unbreakable, sturdy, dishwasher-safe, and harmless to cats. It (along with ceramic bowls) is recommended by most veterinarians. Another good choice is ceramic, provided it uses a lead-free glaze.

Although plastic bowls are generally sturdy, they have a couple of downsides. First, many cats have an allergy to plastic, and develop a skin condition on their chins, resembling acne and I've also seen many cats also develop "rodent ulcers" due to plastic. Second, plastic tends to nick and scratch, and those tiny fissures become a breeding ground for germs. My recommendation is to avoid plastic if at all possible.

Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Water Fountain 2L (RENS SKU: 121773) - Cat water fountains provide free-flowing water, giving the water a fresh taste, which encourages your cat to drink. Therefore water fountains help ensure that your cat receives the fluids he or she needs to help prevent many diseases!

Grooming Supplies

Although I could provide a HUGE list of shampoos and conditioners that I use and recommend; I am going to try and narrow it down to my favorites. If you are not interested in showing, then there is no reason to have a cupboard full like me. In fact, if you do not intend to bath regularly or plan to take your kitty to the groomer, then you don't need to buy shampoo at all. However; in case you are interested, these are my recommendations. I purchase my products at the following link "Custom Pet Boutique" . This boutique is located in Alberta but Miki ships all over, and generally for about $20 (shipping fee). She is great and will provide you with samples of pretty well anything you would like to try (just ask!).

1) Les Pooch F&T (unscented). You only need to use a small amount of this product (it dilutes). This is the product that I use for degreasing the coat and it works AMAZING. I generally fill the sink with some warm water and a couple drops of this product and soak my cat in the sink (make sure the cat can stand with its head above the water!). I then gently push the water over the coat.

2) Les Pooch Tearless Puppy Shampoo. This shampoo is a great choice for young kittens or kitties with sensitive skin. I generally ONLY use this on my kittens and on the faces of my cats when I bath them.

3) Pet Silk Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I really like using a deep cleaning product like this for the "second" shampoo (after the degreasing shampoo - F&T). Lather and rinse well.

4) Pet Silk Brazilian Keratin Shampoo. Works and smells amazing. Personally I wouldn't use the conditioner as it weighs down the coat.

Greyhound 7.5" Reg. Pin Comb Fine/Coarse (RENS SKU: 1833351)

I highly recommend that my kitten buyers purchase this comb! A regular brush and many other types of regular combs do not get the job done!

Q Nail Scissors (RENS SKU: 1833314)

These are the type of nail scissors we use here at Heart'nsoul.

Gimborn Quick Clot (RENS SKU: 3460011)

This powder instantly halts minor bleeding from broken nails, minor superficial cuts or a nail trimmed too close.

For use on dogs, cats, ferrets and birds, simply apply with pressure to the affected nail area. Contains the anesthetic Benzocaine to block pain while stopping bleeding.

BioGroom Ear Cleaner (RENS)

Veterinary preparation, fortified with Boric and Salicylic Acid, thoroughly cleans the ear canals of dogs and cats. In other words,NO MORE EARWAX! Yes! It dissolves ear wax build-up in one easy application. Ear-Care™ is exceptionally mild and gentle, and will not leave the ear canal oily, sticky, or gummy (ew! nobody wants that!). The pharmaceutical ingredients in Ear-Care™ aid in prevention of ear problems when used on a regular basis.

Litter Supplies

The kittens at Heart'nsoul use an OPEN LITTER BOX (we use the ones sold at Dollarama). These litter boxes are sturdy and large and work very well. You can slowly transition them to an enclosed litter box but should have an open litter box available until they feel comfortable with the enclosed litter box. They have MANY litter boxes available online and in store at Rens Pet Depot.

Litter Scoop

My favourite litter scoop is sold at TSC. It is large and sturdy! I highly recommend making a trip just for this scoop because you won't find a better one anywhere else for this price (less than $3!).

Worlds Best Clumping Cat Litter 28lbs (RENS SKU: 0800652)

Clumping Cat Litter is perfect for homes with 1 or 2 cats and features amazing odor control and tight clumping ability! Made with natural whole-kernel corn, your cat will love the soft texture of this formula. The quick clumping formula delivers the best cat litter odor control, yet keeps dust and tracking through your home to a minimum. World's Best Clumping Cat Litter is also easy to scoop, long lasting, and environmentally friendly.

HINT: We don't buy the Worlds Best Clumping Cat Litter at Heart'nsoul but list it here as its the same thing and easier to find than the product that we DO use! Please see "our litter of choice" to read more about Purina Non Medicated Chick Starter (ground corn) purchased at most Farm Stores (such as TSC). It works EXACTLY like Worlds Best Cat Litter and it is a fraction of the price.


Cat Teasers

Crinkle Balls

Cat Nip Toys

Cat Dancers


Custom Pet Boutique also sells some beautiful, sturdy homemade cat teasers!


My favorite cat carrier, to date, is sold at Canadian Tire. I will update this page with information soon.

Cat Trees

I highly recommend getting a cat tree (scratching post) at Little Whiskers . You won't find a better deal anywhere else! These are the trees that we use at Heart'nsoul and we really do feel that it is important your new kitten has their own tree (safe place) to go if they want to get away from children or other pets. Plus, they use it as a scratching post which will help keep them from scratching your furniture.



Please go to to find a location near you! 


I highly recommend that you read “An Eye Opener” under the “Valuable Information” link on my website. I feel that it is very important that new pet owners understand that there are minor issues that can develop once they take their kitten home due to stress. Please also read “Important Information” located on the AVAILABLE page of my website which specifically talks about FHV (Feline Herpes Virus) and FCV (Feline Corona Virus).

Vet Checks, Vaccines and De-worming:

Your kitten will be at least 12 weeks of age when you take him home. We use a veterinary grade de-wormer here called Fenbendazole and kittens are de-wormed at 4 weeks of age, once a day for three days and once again at 8 weeks of age, once a day for three days.

Your kitten received their first veterinary examination and their first FVRCP vaccine at approximately 8 weeks of age. Four weeks later, at approximately 12 weeks of age, a second veterinary examination and a FVRCP booster will be administered. IF STILL AT HEART’NSOUL at 16 weeks of age, a third veterinary examination will be completed as well as a third FVRCP booster and a Rabies vaccine. Most times the third "appointment" is the buyers responsibility because the kitten is no longer in our care. If a kitten remains here past 16 weeks of age and has already been reserved, a fee of $60 will be added onto the remaining balance of the kitten. After the third FVRCP booster and Rabies vaccine has been given, annual exams and boosters are recommended. You can read more about the different types of vaccines and protocols on the "Vaccinations" page of my website.

FIV/FeLV, PKD and DNA Testing:

As each new cat is brought into my cattery an FIV/FeLV SNAP test and an IDEXX FeLV REAL PCR is completed. I also retest all of my cats annually using the FIV/FeLV SNAP test. This is to ensure I am bringing no FIV/FeLV infected cats into my cattery. Because both of your kittens parents are either FIV/FeLV tested negative OR are the offspring of FIV/FeLV tested negative parents, kittens are guaranteed to be FIV/FeLV negative when they leave my care.

All of the cats I am using in my breeding program are either PKD tested negative themselves or are offspring of PKD tested negative parents, which means, they are for sure PKD negative themselves. Therefore, I guarantee all kittens leaving my cattery to be PKD negative.

Spay and Neuter:

As of 2019, ALL Heart’nsoul kittens sold as pets will be spayed or neutered before leaving our care. This will be done at approximately 12 weeks of age. Early altering is being done more and more frequently and the benefits most certainly outweigh the risks involved. In all honesty; young kittens tend to recover much more quickly than adults do.


We are 100% against declawing at Heart’nsoul. Please take some time to watch “The Paw Project” on youtube to understand why.


ALL Heart’nsoul kittens will leave with an EIDAP microchip. This microchip, as mentioned on our website and in our contract, will be kept in my name as the first contact. If the new owner would like to be listed as second contact, we have given the company permission to do this for our buyers (Heart’nsoul will not be responsible for the fee to do this). The reason Heart’nsoul has opted to remain as first contact is to provide the kittens we bring into this world, and feel responsible for, a little more protection. You see, if the new owner decides at some point to surrender their cat to the pound, having the microchip in their name does nothing to protect the cat. If the microchip is in my name, and this situation occurs, I will be called (as the “first contact” on the microchip) and I can save the cat from possible euthanasia or being rehomed. We highly recommend that you contact us if your cat somehow escapes or is stolen so that we know you are looking for them.

Indoor or Outdoor:

Unless you have your kitten/cat on a leash or have had an enclosure built, I feel strongly that a Persian or Himalayan should remain strictly indoors. First of all, these breeds have been so "babied" generation after generation that their survival skills are not all that great any more. They are very "proper", don't like to be dirty, would likely starve and would be unsure of how to protect themselves when confronted by another animal or traffic. And you can be sure that if any one spotted a beautiful cat like this wandering around outdoors that they would snatch it up without thinking twice, likely never to return it. If you do have an outdoor enclosure or a leash then applying a product monthly like Revolution or Advantage would be a good idea.

Preventative Treatments:

Your vet may suggest using a product like Revolution or Advantage on your new kitten. These products protect against fleas, heartworm, ear mites, hookworm (Anycylostoma tubae) and roundworm (Toxocara cati). There is no harm is using these products however unless your cat goes outsides or you have other animals that go outside, they are really unnecessarily.

A de-wormer may also be recommended by your veterinarian as a precaution or your vet may ask you to bring in a fecal sample to determine whether your new kitten has any internal parasites/organisms. I honestly do not recommend that dewormer be given unless there appears to be a problem as this can disturb the normal healthy flora in the gut and cause gastrointestinal upset. Persians have VERY sensitive digestive systems and any type of disturbance can cause bacterial overgrowth which will require antibiotics to clear.

CFA/CCA Registration:

Your kittens parents are registered with both the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and the CCA (Canadian Cat Association). Therefore your kitten is also able to be registered. However; I do not automatically do this as most people purchase their kittens as pets, and a registration is really unnecessary in this case. As my contract states, if requested and paid for by the new owner, I will register their kitten with the CFA. I am also happy to send a photo of the kittens PARENTS registrations as proof they are registerable to avoid any additional fees.

PetSecure Pet Insurance:

Your kitten will leave with 6 weeks free pet insurance through PetSecure. I am often asked whether I recommend new owners officially sign up after the 6 weeks if up. Veterinary care is very expensive, especially emergency Veterinary Care. We are most often talking THOUSANDS of dollars. However; I personally have never purchased Pet Insurance. Having an account where you can put some money each month to use for Vet Care IS BENEFICIAL and will really come in handy in the case of an emergency. Therefore; although I do not necessarily recommend that you sign up for Pet Insurance, I do recommend that you have a plan in place for when your pet will need veterinary care (whether emergency or not).


Below you will find the PET CONTRACT which you may have read on our website before inquiring. Please review this document and feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, please send your full contact information (name, phone number, address and email address) as your earliest convenience. Please Note: I will be printing two copies of the contract and bringing them with me when we meet.

Lastly, PLEASE feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding your new kitten. We are always here to offer advice or suggestions!

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