July 18th, 2021    

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Royal Canin Kitten food (dry) will now be fed to ALL of our cats (kings and queens). In addition to the Royal Canin Kitten, our males will have Hills Prescription Urinary Care (CD Stress) to prevent crystals and stones from developing. Although we do not anticipate this will happen, we want to ensure it doesn't. 

We will be feeding our kittens and nursing queens Royal Canin Mother & Babycat (dry) until kittens are approximately 3-4 months of age. 

In addition to DRY, we will be feeding our kittens, queens and kings Royal Canin Babycat Instinctive Loaf (canned food) mixed with raw beef (80/20) and Freeze Dried Raw (Stella & Chewie or Primal).

Just a few of the benefits of feeding a raw diet ...

  • Improved digestion
  • Greatly reduced stool odor and volume
  • Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs
  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss, if overweight
  • Better dental health
  • Better urinary health