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It is important to us that our BREEDER/SHOW quality kittens/cats go to wonderful homes as well! We would appreciate it if any breeder interested in getting a kitten from us would fill in the following questionnaire. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

First Name*

Last Name*

Cattery Name*

Website Address*

Have you read the Available Page?*

If you have read the available page, do you understand our requests, terms and conditions?*

If interested in a kitten/cat please specify which one(s) below.

If interested in a future kitten/cat, please specify which colour/gender you may be interested in.

Would you like to be placed on our waiting list?*

Please share why you would like a Heart'nsoul kitten/cat...*

Is your cattery FIV/FeLV negative?*

Is your cattery PKD negative?*

Are your cats:*

Do you have a veterinarian? *

If you do have a veterinarian, how often do your cats see him/her?*

Do you or your veterinarian administer vaccines?*

What type of vaccine(s) do you or your vet use?*

How often are your cats vaccinated?*

How often are your kittens vaccinated?*

How often are your cats flea treated, even if only as a precaution?*

How often are your cats de-wormed, even if only as a precaution?*

Are your cats in your home or in a cattery? *

How often do you clean and disinfect your home/cattery?*

Who is in charge of taking care of the cats?*

Do you work outside of the home?*

If you DO work outside of the home, do you have someone to be on kitten watch so no harm comes to mom or babies during labor/delivery? *

If your cats are in enclosures or cages, please state which ones are being confined, what they are being confined in and how large the enclosures/cages are.*

What diet are your kittens/cats on?*

How many hours per DAY are your cats played with and loved?*

How often do you groom your cats (NOT just show cats!)?*

Do you OWN your home?*

What do you do with your retired breeder/show cats?*

If for any reason you had to give up this kitten/cat, what would you do with him/her?*

Please tell us a little about your breeding program...*

Are you in agreement with our contract(s)?*

Are there any parts of the contract(s) that you do not agree with or understand?*

Who is your veterinarian? (please put N/A if not applicable)*

Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian?*

Although it's not required, we could appreciate it if you would list a couple other references.

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